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Greg and I have been watching Enemy at the Door, a British series about the German occupation of Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands--thanks to a post by altariel which convinced me I had to. :-) The colour is so washed out it could be black and white, but it's a wonderful series full of excellent and intelligent characterisation, both of the islanders and the Germans.

And last night, a very young Anthony Head appeared as Clive Martel. For those interested, pics are here and here. [Edit] Apparently it was his TV debut.

In other news, TiVo is finally coming here, late this year. We've had TiVos since 2000 which we've programmed manually, but at last we'll have a proper service which actually knows when programs are on. Of course we'll have to buy a new TiVo, but that's no hardship for a Greg with gadget lust.

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