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Air Show

We went to the Air Show at Whenuapai on Saturday, along with a record crowd of 50,000 which meant it took over an hour to get out of the grounds and access road afterwards. It's on every two years but we've never been before because we're usually away on holiday at this time of year.

Here's a small selection of my favourite photos. Those who like planes can see 34 equally good photos in this gallery. All are between 20 and 90kB so should be quick to load if LJ Scrapbook is behaving itself.

The weather started off very cloudy which was a pity as the aerobatic trails didn't show up as well, but the sky cleared after a couple of hours. In fact it was stinking hot for the rest of the day, standing there in the sun without any shelter. Note to self: buy some camping chairs. Also you could only hear announcements about the planes and events in one part of the grounds, and we were by the parked planes which wasn't it. :-(

Harvards followed by the Red Checkers
Harvards followed by the Red Checkers, the Air Force's aerobatics team

Goering's Luftwaffe was there, and was 'shooting' at a Boeing 757 in the air. :-)

Jet trainer
2-seater jet trainer. Note the hexagons on the runway; they reminded me of B7, sad fan that I am.

Vampire and Harvard
Vampire and Harvard; Yaks in the background

Wing walking
Wing walking! Well, really more standing and posing. :-)

C17 Globemaster
C17 Globemaster from the USAF, a massive bastard

Harvard climbing
Harvard climbing

Red Checkers with four extra trainees
Red Checkers with four extra trainees

Red Checkers looping
Red Checkers looping

Formation Thunder
"Formation Thunder": a Boeing 757, two Orions, and a Hercules, and nowhere near as loud as the Hornet from the Australian Air Force!

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