Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Jasmin update, and cat picspam!

I took Jasmin back to the eye specialist yesterday, and she had healed up really well and didn't need sutures! [dances] I didn't post then because I haven't put up any pictures of the cats lately, and it's about time I did. So here we go!

These were taken over about a month. First, two early-morning pictures:

Ashley on the gate.

Jasmin on the gate from the other side

"But I wanted to watch Animal Planet!"
"Too bad. I have the remote."
Not even posed, either; I just found them that way! Jasmin's eye is fine in this photo BTW. She just has her head resting on the arm of the chair.

Jasmin and Claudia cuddling

Jasmin in the cat cuddler. I bought this to protect Greg's computer chair from the inordinate amounts of white fur from Vic, and it works very well. The cats love it, and it keeps their fur off the seat.

Ashley in the cat cuddler; she takes up a bit more room

Ashley doing her "I'm adorable!" pose. The deal is that I have to stroke her or pick her up and cuddle her. Which is not very onerous at all! :-)

The 'cubs' are getting a bit too big to fit in there together now

An extra plushie on the top shelf!

I wondered why Ashley was so intent on this paper bag--then a little head poked out!

Kisses! (Well, licks really.) This was taken yesterday after I brought Jasmin home. The thing on the floor in the background is the woofer.

And cuddles! You can see Jasmin's eye (the right one in the photo; her left) looks fine. :-)

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