Nico (vilakins) wrote,

The Scent of a Vulcan

Star Trek and perfume are not things you'd think of together, but someone has. Genki Wear is going to launch three scents based on ST:TOS.

And what are they? The oh-so-romantically named:

Tiberius "Boldly Go", attracts females of all species. Not me, sorry. Quite apart from Kirk not being what I go for, all I can think of is George Baker in I, Claudius, not exactly the most (or at all) sensual image.

Red Shirt "Because Tomorrow May Never Come". Perhaps a not-so-subtle gift for the guy you're wanting to dump? Yeah, nothing says "surplus to requirements" like Red Shirt cologne / after shave.

Pon Farr "Drive Him Wild" - this one's for the women, which is probably why I couldn't find a picture. >:-[ Sadly it only works every seven years.

Tags: star trek, weirdness
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