Nico (vilakins) wrote,

The Pretender 210: Indy Show

A good episode, despite the petrolhead stuff. ;-)

Awww, see how Sydney's face lights up when he steps out of the lift and see dream Jarod. And I have a tweed cap just like that which shall henceforth be known as my Sydney cap. :-D

It seems that there is indeed a bond between twins as Sydney gets the message from Jacob first. I couldn't catch what Jacob was saying in French at the hospital; something about the children. I assume he meant the other twins Krieg was experimenting on.

I'm really surprised though that the Centre doesn't know where Sydney's fishing cabin is? And anyway, I thought he only ever went away over Christmas to see Jacob. Or hasn't he been there since the accident? If it's Sydney's place, it didn't exactly look abandoned.

All I have to say about the A story is that it was also about brothers and had an extra set (the Andrettis), and that Jarod discovered RC cars after the model ones last week--but this time he went for a scale of 1:1. :-)

I KNEW IT! It was indeed Sydney who shot Raines' oxygen tank (possibly aiming for his head). I guessed that at the time, and Sydney's denied familiarity with weapons supported it.

I'm wondering if "Gene" is a name, or the reason Jarod was kidnapped.

And I note that Sydney (and Jacob) seem never to have given up their Christian belief with the cross Sydney drew on Jacob's forehead and the hymn "Amazing Grace" (took me a while to place the tune) that he played for Jacob. But why bagpipes? And awww, Parker was lovely with Sydney, holding him when he cried, and playing Fish with him when Raines turned up. Pity she virtually told him it was Sydney who shot his tank. Keep your gun with you, Syd.

I liked that the ep finished with Jarod really there. Hey, maybe they went fishing later!

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