Nico (vilakins) wrote,

The Pretender 209: F/X

This ep was one of the French ones (subtitles for everything but, weirdly, dialogue unless that's turned off), but the credits seem to have gone back to the old music and scenes. I liked the faster, more actiony ones.

I haven't got a lot to say about this one. The A story was fairly standard (though Jarod's getting pretty obvious with his name, calling himself Jarod Lugosi). He discovered model cars, but didn't have heaps of fun with them. He needs to find a new food.

Back at the Centre though, things got nasty. I found Room 155 disturbing with its torture devices, and little Timmy crying. (Huh; apparently the kid was played by the one who was baby Darth Vader in Star Wars Ep 1. He does a better job here, but maybe he got some direction.) But he turns out to be Angelo! I don't know what Raines did to him, or how erasing his identity turned him into an empath. Maybe others' feelings fill the huge vacuum left?

I wonder who Mr Fenigor is.

Awwww, Parker actually feels some sympathy for poor Angelo there at the end.

And Jarod has her mother's diary. I get the feeling though, that like Lost, the more answers we get, the more questions there will be.

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