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Cool Google logos, and my real pet peeves

Look at Google if it's the 2nd where you are! Happy birthday. Dr Seuss! To see old special logos, have a look here. They go back to 1999 and there are quite a few I've missed. My favourites from last year are Magritte's birthday, The Large Hadron Collider, the 50th Anniversary of Nasa, and the Lego one. :-)

In a recent survey, I couldn't think of my pet peeves off-hand (which is a positive thing), and picked people openly chewing gum as there was a gum question and I've been twice deeply disgusted by American women chewing with wide-open mouths while talking to me and doing a Powerpoint presentation respectively. However two people do not a peeve make, and I didn't want to offend those who chew gum nicely.

Now I've had time to think, here are my real peeves.

The police helicopter. I've mentioned it before--the frequent overflying, the noise pollution, and the flying so low that it shakes my tchatchkes and Daleks--but I recently heard they keep the thing in the air constantly or they'd lose funding. It goes to anything, even domestic disturbances. It drives me crazy.

Shaking hands. OK, I know it's to prove I don't have a weapon in my right hand, but it's such an efficient way to pass on germs. I've even had people with streaming colds apologise--then hold out their hand. Ewwww. I'm sure I've caught most of my colds from this practice. How about bringing in a nice polite Japanese-style bow?

People who park right by the ATM because they can't be bothered parking in a proper space and walking a few steps. Also, people who drive into parking areas via the exit because they're so damned lazy. Being old does not excuse you.

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