Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Alternate Aberystwyth

I loved his first one, Aberystwyth Mon Amour--so blackly funny, as is the second in the series--but Malcolm Pryce doesn't like cats much, does he? I'm only about 30 pages into Last Tango in Aberystwythand he's already drowned a mother and kittens in a throw-away comment and run over another cat in passing. There isn't even the slightest plot reason for it. If he wants to show what a mean and violent society his AU Wales is, there are ways I'd find less repellent. I mean, it doesn't fit with the eccentric deadpan humour of the rest.

Otherwise: cool series and I love the weird stuff he makes up like gossip contests and toffee apple dens.

I also want to know how to pronounce the name Ionawr? Is it like Iona (eye-owna) or Yona?

Tags: books
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