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Another five topics

And once again, by commenting on a post, I have five more topics. Sorry it took a few days to get round to it. :-P

Comment on this post asking for topics and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

lizamanynames gave me art, Stark, kitties, Tiggers, and Romans.

I only feel qualified to talk about mine. I've always drawn, as long as I can remember, so much so that my father once devastated me by throwing my sketch pad in the bin in an attempt to make me spend more time outside playing like a normal child. I retrieved it later when he wasn't there, but food had been put on top of it and it was ruined. I even drew without pencil or paper, sketching in the air with my finger and rubbing it out with a hand-wave if it was wrong. People must have pitied my parents for having such a weird child. I won a few prizes at school, then just drew for my own pleasure till I got a graphics pad and discovered layers and Ctrl-Z to undo: win! I know my limits. I'll never be a real artist, but I can still have fun with it.

They only showed season1 of Farscape here, so I didn't get to see the whole series till much later, well after I met astrogirl2 who convinced me I needed to. I remember discussing it with her, and asking if her beloved Stark was "that guy filled with light" which she thought was weirdly prescient. Actually, I think I saw his light when he lifted his mask to cross Gilina over. If not, then I'm not sure where I got the idea from. Anyway, I loved him too, right from his first ep, and there should have been a lot more Starkness in the series. I think he's like Vila in B7: for me the tragic heart and soul of the show, but unlike Vila, he does end with some healing and hope.

Or cats as we call 'em here. "Kitty" is only ever used in conjunction with "litter". Baby cats are kittens, and remain so till they're about one year old according to the food manufacturers, but my so-called kittens are too big for the name now. Teens? Kids? Cubs!

Anyway, I loved cats from the very beginning, even though the one we got when I was three was a bad-tempered and unaffectionate beast: a grey half-Persian originally named Fluffy (very trite) but renamed Beethoven due to her resemblance to that grumpy bust of him: same look and same wild grey hair. Every time I saw a kitten, I'd say I wanted one, and my parents would point out the fact that we had a cat at home, even though the main interaction I had with old grumpy-guts was her habit of laying on whatever I was trying to read.

The next family cat was Sam (another common cat name, bestowed by my little brother). I was a teenager old enough to stay home while he and my parents were visiting friends in Hamilton, and a scrawny little tabby kitten followed them down the street from their car, crying piteously. They went to see their friends, and a couple of hours later when they left, the kitten was sitting outside waiting for them. "Persistence must be rewarded," said my father (a comment that became a family saying) and they brought him home, a rat-like little thing who grew into the most delightful, playful little kitten who would snuggle up with my brother and me and try to put his head in front of ours while we were watching TV, telling us "I'm much more interesting!" He became a large and magnificent large tabby (this icon looks just him) who never realised that he was too heavy to lie on our chests and shoulders as he used to.

I had two cats when I was in Israel (Bissel and Koshka) whom I had to leave behind with friends when I left for Europe, then when I came back to NZ, I rescued a little stray tabby kitten, Sigi, and Petra, another tabby whom a bankrupt pet-shop who only had the one pet left was going to put down. They were so intelligent and sweet and loving, and I still miss them, just as I do my Tessa. The others since you know about. :-)

Tiggers are bouncy. Tiggers like water. Tiggers don't like honey, to Pooh's great relief. I have two Tiggers because Greg bought me two from Malaysia once; one is in the TV room and the other is in here somewhere among the other plushies.

If you meant tigers, see my posts about the time I played with white tiger cubs and fed them.
Birthday surprise!
More photos from old camera, including adorable last one

Another early love which I think grew from my father's books about history and Roman and Greek myths which I used to nick from his study to read. We did Roman history in the third form (now Year 9) and I still remember getting bonus points for my drawing of the Emperor Augustus. The next year I went to a new town and high school, and because I had to have done Latin to be in the top stream, my father taught me a whole year's worth over the summer holidays, and I was totally hooked. I find the history, society, and the eccentricity of the major players fascinating. And yes, I adore I, Claudius, in book and TV form.

I do Roman re-enactment with the Second Legion Augusta here, and I'm the vexillarius (standard bearer). There's a pic of me doing so in this post, and more of the legion plus added pearlies (but not me as I was taking the pictures) in this one. Come on, you knew I was a nerd!

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