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The Pretender 208: Hazards

I actually watched this ep on Friday, but I've had a busy weekend out, and a migraine for much of today. :-P

Jarod discovers Twinkies! I've heard that they're delicious, but they look disgusting with their creamy filling. Are they really as good as I hear and Jarod obviously thinks? You know, when Jarod started the container filling up with foam, my first thought was "Nova! Shaving foam!" But then I thought: "Twinkie filling!" and was right. OK, people, what does that stuff taste like?

I was warned that this ep was disturbing, but it really was nowhere near as bad as I feared, given all the Holocaust, genocide, and medical experimentation stuff I read before I was 13. I knew what was going on as soon as I heard Dr Krieg's (Dr War's!) accent. I actually found Sydney's slightly crazed smile as he told Parker he was wearing new underwear a bit more worrying. But really, Sydney? It took till now for you to realise that you've been behaving like Krieg for years? You even experiment on twins; the parallel has got to have occurred to you before.

I kind of love that Parker talked him out of his gun--then put a silencer on it. Nice twist. Don't ever change, Parker.

Sydney is dating someone called Bernice? I imagine her as a middle-aged, well groomed redhead. :-) Do we get to meet her? Heh, I knew the answer to the light bulb joke. I've heard that one before. but for social workers.

And hmmm, Sydney seems more familiar with guns than he leads others to believe. I hold to my original theory that it was him who shot Raines' oxygen tank (though he may well have been aiming for his head).

His parents seem to be called Jean Mikhail and Greta; odd names for Belgians. Or have I got that wrong? But then, Sydney and Jacob aren't exactly your normal Belgian names--as far as I know.

I hope Sydney and Jarod go fishing one day. but I'm not exactly going to hold my breath. And it just occurred to me that Jarod is only two letters off Jacob. I wonder if that's significant.

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