Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Adult content

I've long regretted the loss of the word 'adult'. What does its current use imply--that the fiction I write and prefer to read is childish because it doesn't contain explicit sex?

A Simpsons episode we saw recently had the family going to the Lackluster video rental. Bart sees Moe sneaking into an alcove marked 'Adult' and follows, only to be disappointed to find shelves labelled Truffaut, Merchant and Ivory, Bergman, Spike and Ang Lee. Nice one! At our video store those are under the 'Festival' category.

Which reminds me, the films I most want to see at this month's film festival are the three Miyazaki animes I've missed up till now. So I suppose I'm neither grown-up nor adult. Not that I care.

Tags: language
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