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Apparently by commenting on redscharlach's wonderful replies in verse, I let myself in for doing the meme too. And why not, since I have so little to post about otherwise apart from the pleasure of getting more books from the library followed by a lovely lunch of corn fritters and salsa at Nosh. :-P

Comment on this post asking for topics and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

redscharlach gave me knitting, Molesworth, the best part of a cat, breakfast foods, and favourite footwear.

I learned to knit when I was about 11, when I made myself a scarf for school. I went on to make jerseys and cardigans, but gave up when I went to uni. I didn't do any knitting at all till a couple of years ago when I made two blanket squares for a friend's friendship blanket. It all came back very quickly. Then a few months ago I joined the who_knits Fourth Doctor scarf knitalong and made two of them in colours of widely varying accuracy. I like the whole process so I've started to make things like neckwarmers and fingerless ninja mitts and will tackle my first hat soon. I'm not sure whether I'll make any proper garments, but I do have a couple of interesting diagonal-panel jackets saved up in case I get the urge.

I discovered Molesworth and the girls of St Trinian's when I was at high school and used to fill the backs of my exercise books with cartoons to the delight of my classmates and often the teachers when I forgot to rip them out. Nigel Molesworth is a schoolboy at a British prep school in the 50s, and I love him for his daydreams, his Latin and grammar jokes, and for Ronald Searle's wonderful cartoons. Molesworth's spelling is somewhat eccentric--surely a boy with his vocabulary could spell "say" and "know"--but that's part of his charm.
I did the Blake's 7 crew from Vila's POV in Molesworth-style a while back, which should give you a pale idea of the cartoon and writing style. That's Vila in my icon.
And, not on topic, but I did the Blake's 7 lot in Simpson's style too.

The best part of a cat
Um, in what way? If visually, then their sweet faces and beautiful eyes, though their fur's gorgeous and lovely to touch, too. (Actually I think humans should have fur. No, I'm not a furry, but our fragile skin that has to be protected in all seasons is a major design fault, and if we had fur we'd all be beautiful all our lives. ) Otherwise, their playfulness, cuddliness, and individual personality quirks are pretty high up the list, as is the fact that they can love a strange and weird species like us.

Breakfast foods
I do like a boiled egg with toast soldiers, but lately I've been enjoyed a poached egg on crisp Vogel's (wholegrain) toast. I also like muesli, but it's hard to find a good one (most cereals are disgustingly sweet) so I've often resorted to making my own bircher muesli. I did find a lovely unsweetened and untoasted natural one with dried apples and nuts the other day though and I've been eating that; it's too hot for eggs.

Favourite footwear
I'm not big on shoes. I like them to be flat and comfortable with soles moulded to the foot and this usually whacks the price up beyond what I'm willing to pay, so I wear what I have till they come apart and can no longer be repaired. At the moment though, my favourites are Crocs. They're comfortable, have the moulded soles, are very reasonably priced, and come in fun colours and have funky little decorations you can plug into the holes (I have a crab, paws, and lizards). I hardly wear anything else unless I'm going for an interview or to a restaurant.

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