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Lost 505: This Place is Death

I was right! Daniel's mother is indeed Ms Hawking--and she's also the young blonde woman Ellie who takes him to the leaking atom bomb.

However no points for killing Charlotte. I liked Charlotte, and she had an interesting backstory with her Island childhood and interest in Carthage and digging up bits of it and the Dharma Initiative in Tunisia. Pity they didn't knock off the annoying Juliet and her annoying constant smirk. [mourns Charlotte] Who was her father? Ben perhaps, or is she too old for that to work?

If Miles was on the Island before, then he's going to get very sick now too, unless Locke has now fixed that with his turning of the wheel. If he has, how sad that it was too late for Charlotte. However I'm assuming that Daniel at least continues to move around in time since we see him at the discovery of the chamber at the very beginning of the season, and he also tried to warn child Charlotte not to come back, and the latter had to happen 'after' Charlotte died (in his timeline, that is).

We did found what Danielle (and why do we have a Danielle and a Daniel?) meant about the sickness killing her companions, though it was really her in self-defence. I am intrigued by the Egyptian hieroglyphs on the temple; they also show up on the timer display in the hatch. Maybe Egyptians built the wheel; it's within their technology. I wonder what the smoke monster (or some other agent) did to the guys who went after Montand.

I also wonder what would have happened if Locke had moved the island as he been told to. I think it's understandable that Ben did as he knew what was meant by the instruction. Ben didn't know that Ms Hawking was Daniel's mother, yet she seems to know what's going on, and also has some sort of authority (that of knowledge or more?) over Ben. And I think Ben lied to Sun about Jin being alive, since Locke promised to say he was dead and I think he'd keep his promises.

I was somewhat concerned that the Losties would have to keep shuttling round in time for three or so years till the Six get back, but I think time runs differently there. I shall be interested to see what Hawking does without a complete set of Six.

[Edit] Oh and huh: Ben probably asks for a list of crash survivors because he's already met some in the past.

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