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The Pretender 207: Collateral Damage

It's very hot and humid after the rain yesterday--about 85%--but I did manage to watch another ep yesterday. Let's hope there's more rain for the garden and for me to close all the blinds and watch more. As it is now, the cicadas are so loud (though I love their summery noise) I'd have to turn the sound up.

Wow, that's Vanessa Williams? She's almost unrecognisable now as the pale ueber-bitch Wilhelmina on Ugly Betty. I prefer the way she looks here. And hey, Duc's Daniel Dae Kim, who is Jin from Lost!

This is another French one, so all the captions are French, including those on the TV screen for the Vietnam war reports; cleverly done there.

Jarod is Jarod Patton. I do like the names he chooses, though this one's a bit obvious. I don't have that much to say about the A story. Once again the baddie was incredibly and deliberately evil, and the boy Duc doesn't seem to have grown up to live a particularly worthwhile saved life. Jarod does seem to be getting darker and angrier, but the Jell-O eating scenes were cute and funny, and I liked how he analysed how they got the pineapple bits in suspension. Ahahaha, a Jell-O-filled mine! Brilliant!

Me, I can't stand the stuff. It's a texture thing. It's slimy.

The B story was Parker-oriented--and I finally saw more of her house. I'm not sure if it's the one she lived in with her parents--is it? Or does Daddy live in that one? Anyway, she was as mean to Debbie as I thought she'd be, till she went to see Sydney with his sleep-deprived twins and got lift-inspired flashbacks. Poor little Parker. However her hair shouldn't have been braided when she was hugging the gift and crying after her mother was killed because it's out loose when it happened. I actually found their bonding over mother loss, how Debbie understood why Parker hadn't opened the gift, and them reading the book together quite moving. It might have slipped into sacchariine, but then you get the priceless Parker and Mini-Me scene. I love it! Debbie looked so cute, and Broots so taken aback. It almost tipped back when Parker gave Debbie the book and she hugged her, but it's a fine line and they walked it well.

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