Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Two two-minute fics

redstarrobot threw out the following challenge:
Take your fave fandom's fave one-eyed character (and I can think of at least three here), and the word "recumbent", and write a 2-minute fic, posted in reply to this. (Other acceptable words include "prescient" and "doubt".)
I wrote two.. Spoilers for season 3 of Farscape and season 2 of Blake's 7.


She is recumbent, smiling serenely up at him. He smiles back, touching her head gently so as not to hurt her. He knows that she's dying and that she'll take his light with her.


So many times he'd sworn he'd get Blake one day and that day is today. He steps towards the recumbent body to make sure, doubt and Avon's shot striking at the same time. He screams during the long fall. It isn't fair. There was no time to savour it.
Tags: meme - fannish
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