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The Pretender 206: Past Sim

I watched another ep last night. None tonight because 1) Greg's back and 2) it will be Lost, his major fandom. However should the long dry spell break and we get some rain, I will be watching more during the day; I hate shutting the blinds on a nice day.

So this week, Jarod's discover is magic 8-balls and presumably Arctic Freeze; he's eating an ice block at least twice.

And ooh, this is the first time the A and B stories are actually the same! I expected more Kyle but we got Lyle instead, and Jarod's a lawyer called Jarod Darrow (after Clarence, not Paul). Nasty stuff, the Centre using Jarod's simulation to kidnap a witness against the Yakuza. I wonder though what Sydney thought the scenario was about. He seems quite innocent of it all, but he must have been given a reason for the sim.

I think this is also the first mention of the Triumvirate (no one we know, I assume, going by how they talked about it), and Daddy Parker's first admission to Parker that he knows the worst. So Parker and Raines are trying to take Lyle down; interesting. I wonder what Daddy was going to say when he stopped "Now Lyle is b--". Back? From where? And why don't Parker, Sydney, and Broots know who he is? I also suspected that the Centre had arranged for Broots to get custody of Debbie so they'd have something over him, but it turned out to be Jarod.

I wonder why Parker spent a summer with a Yakuza boss's son? I bet it was some sort of Centre set-up as otherwise it's just too much of a coincidence. As far as Jarod's concerned, Parker is implicated in the whole Yakuza thing as he saw her there, even though we know she was working for her father and Raines.

Huh! Apparently they has some fun with the Japanese! To quote the Pretender Centre site:

Throughout their conversation Miss Parker refers to Mr. Lyle as "our illustrious pin-head" , and Tony notes that his father warned him never to trust a man "whose nose is as brown as Mt. Fuji in the summer."

This is also the closest Jarod has come to killing someone with his public thanks to the turned detective, and his earlier promise "You're dead."

I'm not entirely sure how Sydney knew the access code for the account so that he and Jarod could steal the money. I also wonder what will happen to Lyle. Is this the last of Lyle, or just some of his appendages?
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