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Character meme

From astrogirl2, another one of those fun character memes. :-)

First write down ten characters from any fandoms that you wish, then answer the questions below.

1. Hurley (Lost)
2. Parker (The Pretender)
3. Data (ST:TNG)
4. Stark (Farscape)
5. Ivanova (Babylon 5)
6. Donna (Doctor Who)
7. Vila (Blake's 7)
8. Jarod (The Pretender)
9. Jenna (Blake's 7)
10. Garak (ST:DS9)

1) #3 (Data) and #4 (Stark) are at a sporting event and get caught on the jumbo screen for everybody to see them. What are they doing at the moment? How does each react to being filmed?

They've gone to a one-day international cricket match because Data thinks the game is an interesting cultural phenomenon and Stark refuses to go to a five-day test or even a three-day one. When the camera catches them, Data is consulting his Wisden for interesting statistics and Stark is eating a cheeseburger. It's Stark who notices, and rises from his seat with a wild and incoherent yell, waving both hands in excitement. "It's me! It's me!". Data just says mildly, "Of course it is you; the camera is pointing this way." The batsman then hits a six, and the ball flies right towards Stark who catches it in his hamburgerless hand, more by accident than design, shrieks, and throws it away in horror. Data is fascinated and calculates the odds against the ball's trajectory intersecting with Stark's hand while he's on camera.

2) #2 (Jenna) has one extra ticket to a concert, who will they invite: #6 (Donna) or #9 (Parker)? How does the one not picked feel?

Actually, this is a hard decision for Jenna. Donna will doubtless talk non-stop, but Parker will show no appreciation whatsoever and will also pollute their transport horribly with her smoking. She picks Donna because she knows they'll at least both have fun, even if Donna talks more than Vila. Parker shows no outward emotion at all, but goes home and cuddles her pet rabbit.

3) #5 (Ivanova): how do they like their eggs cooked? And what item must they have with their breakfast?

Fried with crisp toast and plenty of strong coffee. And no lip from the others at the table if they know what's good for them. Mornings are not easy for Ivanova.

4) #6 (Donna) and #1 (Hurley) were set up on a blind date. How does it go? Was it a love connection?

Um, no. They do however got on very well. For a start, Donna believes Hurley about the numbers and the Island, though she's not sure why she does; it's just that things seem more possible to her than to most people. They go out to a film--a comedy--then Donna takes Hurley to meet her grandfather at his allotment and they look at stars through his telescope, while Wilf says he's certain there's life up there, and they both agree. Hurley takes Donna home, but she doesn't invite him in because she knows her mother would think he was a loser like her. They agree however to meet up the next day because you need a friend who believes you, and who can also dream.

5) #9 (Parker) tries out for American Idol (or whatever country they are from) how does the audition go?

Not well. When one judge said that she sang without expression, and another said that her blue lipstick made her look like the death warmed up she sounded like, she pulled her gun and informed them that she would use it given any further provocation. Sydney calmed her down and took her outside for a calming cigarette while he pointed out that she had no need to prove herself in this arena when she was so good at everything else she did. Besides, he said, Brigitte had got much lower marks for her Blondie cover.

6) #2 (Jenna), #8 (Jarod), and #10 (Garak) form a superhero group. What do they call this group?

That's a hard one. The Not What They Seem? They are Fly-Girl, Chameleon, and Super-Tailor, and of course Garak makes their costumes.

7) #7 (Vila) is asked to give a two sentence speech to be broadcast live around the world about a social issue important to them. What is said in the speech?

"Deltas of the world, rise up and demand a decent life! After all, there are a lot more of you than them. But look, no need for violence, be nice about it. Oh, that bit's not going out? Look can I start again? What d'you mean, it's too late?"
A thousand years later there are still two-colour posters of the great revolutionary Vila Restal on buildings and teenagers' bedroom walls.

8) #1 (Hurley) and #5 (Ivanova) are taking a road trip together. Where are they going? Who asks for directions when are lost? How do they get along throughout the trip?

They're going to the Island (it's not just roads) because Ivanova suspects that the Babylon 4 station may have ended up there. Hurley asks for directions, but Ivanova denies that they're lost; she knows how to read a map. Hurley doesn't much like being told to "Obey Ivanova, Ivanova is God," and Ivanova is driven crazy by Hurley's demands for junk food at frequent intervals, but they get on OK. Each has known worse.

9) #8 (Jarod), #7 (Vila), and #3 (Data) just won the lottery! How will they split the winnings? What does each do with their share?

Vila suggests splitting it three ways, but Data says he has no need of money, being a Star Fleet officer with few material needs. Vila considers just taking Data's share, but his conscience tickles and he suggests that Data keep enough to leave to Spot. Data agrees and decides to donate his share to cat homes. Vila looks disappointed for the sake of his reputation, and salts his own away in a secure and anonymous bank account, as he did with his Freedom City winnings, so that he can pay his own bounty if necessary. Jarod of course uses his to finance his pretends, but he widens the geographical range of them so he can see more of a large and endlessly fascinating world.

10) #4 (Stark) and #10 (Garak) are competing in a duel to the death. What type of weapons do they use? Who wins? And what made them duel in the first place?

It was a misunderstanding caused by Stark finding, while he was being fitted for a new leather coat, that Cardassians once had subject peoples working for them, and also realising that Garak didn't need electronic surveillance to carry out his profession. They duel with rulers, bolts of material, measuring tape, frantically thrown pins (this was Stark) until they both suddenly realise how silly they must look and start laughing. Garak makes Stark a very nice new outfit (with pointy shoulders) at cost because he hasn't had so much fun in the clothing line for years.

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