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The Pretender 205: Nip and Tuck

Greg is away again (at his aunt's funeral and seeing family) and, being fed up with him never getting round to watching The Pretender, I decided to watch it alone. I'll see another one tonight. :-) I'm also going to watch them on rainy days, but we haven't had one of those for a while.

This was from French TV--Le Cameleon with quite different credits--but luckily it wasn't dubbed. I wonder if the series was extra popular in Europe because of Patrick Bauchau.

The pretend was similar to other medical ones with its obscene and deliberate malpractice, and like the very first one, Jarod only gets justice for the victim. I thought he (Dr Clay!) or Eubanks might have been able to fix the girl's eyelid though; does one facial nerve extend that far? Life for Tricia won't be easy, but at least Jarod convinced her that it's well worth living out there. His own joie de vivre is so infectious.

Favourite lines:
"Is the Pope catholic?"
"I believe it is mandatory."
I love Jarod and his deep innocence of popular culture. Also the way he gleefully tells Brant that he's just pretending to be a surgeon.

A thought: always using his first name must make him easier to track, and for any authorities investigating fraudulent identities to connect different pretends, but I liked how we saw just how important his name is to him in the flashbacks.

Life at the Center was the more interesting story, with Broots being stalked. It's intriguing that he noticed it happening whereas Sydney and Parker didn't; I'd have thought Parker would be more vigilant. I have to say that Pamela Gidley does a good British accent, and I just realised that she's the cyborg from Cherry 2000.

I wasn't at all surprised that it's Kyle doing the stalking. I knew he wasn't dead in that explosion; he's a Pretender too, after all, and probably wasn't that badly hurt, so he could easily have got away, as I thought at the time. Mind you, I also wouldn't have been surprised that there been a third faction at the Centre, or someone else outside who knows what they do.

So Angelo is now an empath, able to extract stored emotions from objects? OK, we're definitely in SF territory here. Parker should really cut the guy some slack; he's very useful.

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