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Trees, power outage, chocolate, and a severe lack of snow

I am actually feeling slightly better today, though I'm still coughing horribly. This is very encouraging despite: 1) having the tree trimmers with their very loud chipper in yesterday and today--they're gone now, and did a nice job too; 2) Greg coming home sick with the same thing I've had; and 3) having a power cut for a couple of hours just after he got here. But yay, we have power back, and that's always a huge relief. Unfortunately, Greg's had about five calls from his work about recovering from the outage. He also has to go down to Christchurch tomorrow for his aunt's funeral, but I don't think he'll be well enough. Mind you, he won't get the chest infection I always seem to end up with.

I slept so badly last night, I think I'll sleep upright in a chair down here tonight. It might be cooler too; at least I hope so.

I wouldn't mind some of that snow, guys!

I should fill out the chocolate survey I'm being paid $50 to do. You have to taste two enormous blocks of chocolate over two weeks (not great timing) and then rate them. Why yes, I am desperate enough to take money (and chocolate, though I haven't felt much like it) where I can.

[Edit] I just heard the whole area is just running off one transformer instead of the usual three. Oh joy. They've already turned the hot water off (which is fine; there'll be plenty for showers tomorrow) but they're also asking people not to use ovens or run air-conditioning. Ooookay, the chicken will be in the toaster oven tonight. We really should get the barbecue gas refilled.

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