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I heard a transformer blew up in Melbourne and a lot of people are without power in the heat. I hope kerravonsen and anyone else in the area is all right.

I now have bronchitis; oh joy. The antibiotics the doctor gave me right at the start clearly didn't work at all. I'm supposed to go and see a contracting agency who used to get me work (all their staff have changed and they don't know me any more) but I can't feeling like this, and hacking disgustingly.

I am consoling myself with books.

I recently read An Assembly Such As This by Pamela Aidan; an account from Darcy's POV of the events of Pride and Prejudice, and the first in a trilogy. It's well written in the style of Austen (except for rampant said-phobia which Austen never suffered from; she never used "intoned" and "supplied" etc) and entertaining enough for me to want to read the other two. It was however full of the most terrible typos, spelling mistakes, and punctuation errors (e.g. "Here, here" instead of "Hear, hear", apostrophes in plurals, "who's" / "whose and "its" / "it's" being swapped). Was this even edited? Shame on you, Wytherngate Press.

I also enjoyed Sherlock Holmes: the missing years by Tibetan author Jamyang Norbu, which was recced on someone else's LJ. It covers the adventures of Holmes in India and Tibet in the two missing years after he was assumed dead, and is a ripping yarn with a touch of the Indiana Jones, told by Hurree Chunder Mookerjee, the Babu of Kipling's Kim. He makes an amusing and fun narrator (his Holmes is very in character too), and on the strength of this book, I've decided to reread Kim.

I'm also rereading the Earthsea Quartet, and am still slowly working my way through the Discworld novels, the last one being Carpe Jugulum, which was fun but not up to the level of a good City Watch book.

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