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Second interview

I just had another interview, one of the most relaxed I've ever had. We just sat in a coffee shop and chatted. We had so much in common, it was amazing. Julia had also fled the world of IT and gone for a career change so she could have more time for other things, in her case art. It would be fun to work with her, but she told me the hourly rate and it's lower than what I'd get under contract to the people I saw yesterday; OTOH it's a permanent job. However she's interviewing other candidates this week, so I may not get a choice anyway.

I lingered in town to have a veggie enchilada with guac (as a Mexican guy I know calls it for short) and salad--yum--and ran into a friend which was a nice surprise. Then caught the bus back, got off early and walked home in the sun because it was (and still is) such a lovely day.

And now I should really have a go at the WIP: the big and getting bigger PGP...
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