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It's a long weekend in this city, and the weather's scorching hot and almost cloudless. Pity I feel so lousy. I started coughing at our dinner out in honour of the inauguration (and very nice it was: bubbly, grilled fish with risotto and a real salad--not that horrible stalky mesclun stuff you always seem to get now--followed by tiramisu) and assumed it was just stray smoke from the smokers sitting outside. However I've been coughing ever since, I feel feverish and crap, and I'm on antibiotics to stop it becoming bronchitis. WTH? It's summer! And what does that make it--a hot?

In better news, we saw Lost last night, two excellent episodes promising another great season. We've also found a place where we can hire S4 of Quantum Leap, and I've just found out about a new Canadian series called Being Erica which sounds very good--a mixture of QL and My Name is Earl by the sound of it, being a comedy-drama about a woman who has the chance to correct her past mistakes.

And now I think a cold ale before dinner (flounder fillets and leftover apple crumble from last night) would be a good idea.

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