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Clichés in fanfic

andrastewhite has turned a friend's poll about fanfic clichés into a meme about her own stories, which I thought more fun than bolding up yet another 100 best books list.

Bold the clichés you have written, and italicise those you've considered writing.

I can only claim five, but one accounts for a lot of my fic.


Bodyswap: Yes, the whole Liberator crew, in Mistaken Identities.

Drunk!fic: I've written Vila drunk more than once, but I assume this is drunkenness leading to sex.

Huddling together for warmth!

Undercover in a gay bar!

Pretending to be married!

Secretly a virgin!

Amnesia: Yes, but in my defence, it was in a Mills and Boon parody, Stunned by Love, and it was Servalan.

Cross-dressing: I have considered writing a Some Like It Hot pastiche in which Avon, Vila, and Soolin join a Gauda Prime band on tour to escape the Federation, but executrix has already done one.

Forced to share a bed!: I was going to make them share a bunk in the girls' digs (see above). Maybe one day.

Aliens make them do it!

Wingfic: I have no idea what this is. Characters turning into angels or fairies, or something? Please enlighten me.


Mistakenly assumed to be gay!

Let's play truth or dare! Nope, but I've written a couple of poker stories: strip in Poker Night, and Starbuck and Tarrant betting themselves in Meeting of Minds, a crossover I seem never to have posted elsewhere.

Mary Sue fic: Yes, along with deliberate badfic in Suzy Mar. At least I hope that's all I've written.



Hurt/Comfort: Yes. In fact probably at least half of my fic falls into this category.

Apocalypse fic

Someone has a baby! Well, I've written a couple of b7friday fics like The Next Generation and The Ice Princess in which characters have children, but they're not babies. One cliché omitted, which I should add is:

Baby!fic (in which the characters themselves are reduced to babies) because I've come across more than you'd think likely.

Telepathic soulbonding: Nope, but I've read a lot involving Avon, of all people.

Werewolves mate for life! Eh?

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