Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Two ceremonies

That wedding? Had twelve speeches. Yep, twelve of them. I wish they'd warned us beforehand so we could have made pit stops.

The ceremony was fine (in fact the bride kept giggling and laughing, she was so delighted) and my only objection was the use of an almost unreadable cursive font which meant hardly anyone could read the words of the two songs we were supposed to sing.

The couple are about 22 and I was horrified to learn during the interminable speeches that he asked her father for permission to date her (about four years ago) and to marry her. WTH? I thought that sexist rubbish went out with the 50s, but then many brides, like this one, still think they need a male owner to give them to their next one. Grrr. I really thought those two were a lot more modern and, well, equal than that. I look forward to the civil union between two middle-aged friends as an antidote.

OK, that aside, it's Obama's inauguration tomorrow--at about 5am here. :-P I've managed to get up at 6 for World Cups and the like, so I shall make an effort to see this live with the rest of the world. I have laid in English muffins, tomatoes, cheese, and eggs, and we have a very good espresso machine. We are prepared. :-D

Tags: gender, real life
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