Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Various stuff, and not as positive as it should be

I'm not having the best week here. I had another disappointment (which I won't talk about because I'm trying to feel positive), then I went to pick up my new contact lenses today and found they were charging (through the nose) for both, although the government pays for the right one due to the keratoconus in that eye. I couldn't do anything about it because both optometrists (a couple in business together) are having a long weekend in Australia, so I'll have to go back next week.

Also, I have to go to a wedding this weekend. :-(

Does anyone else hate going to weddings? I'm not talking about the ceremony, which I quite enjoy, but the after-match function. It's usually hours later (three in this case which means we have to stuff around in Hamilton doing something, I don't know what, to amuse ourselves), the speeches are usually dead boring and often offensive (why do best men feel the need to tell filthy jokes about the couple?) and we won't know any of the guests. We're leaving right after the food and speeches and coming back here; after all, it's almost a 90 minute drive.

Anyway, I've bought them a beautiful glass teapot and a glass-and-silver stand for it which takes a tealight to keep the tea warm. :-D I should go and wrap it now. I have sparkly black wrapping paper with polka dots--the boxes will stand out among all that gold and white. :-D The wedding cards were all so revoltingly soppy or twee, I've bought a blank card with three brightly-coloured lollipops on it, and shall fill it out with a purple gel pen.

At our wedding, I might add, there were no speeches or formality at all; we just all had a fun and relaxed early dinner together. :-)

Since I'm supposed to be positive--thetisonline and I have a pact--I will point out that the weather's been wonderfully sunny and hot, the kittens teenagers are funny, cute, and utterly adorable (the less said about what the adult Claudia did in the laundry, the better), and I've bought a book called Clicker Training for Cats and two clickers. I'm starting next week. It's not just a good way to train the cats to do things, but also apparently a fun and stimulating way for them to interact with us and have fun. I don't plan to teach them party tricks though; I shall respect their independence and dignity.

Tags: cats, real life
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