Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Old but odd news

I never got round to posting about this, but someone in the next suburb got a meteorite through their roof while I was out of town at a 21st birthday. It landed on their couch, still smoking hot, and would have killed anyone had they been sitting there. As this is such a rare event they've been offered thousands for it. Apparently it broke up before impact and there could be other pieces in a 5km radius. I've searched our grounds but found nothing, dammit. I'm unlikely to win Lotto either, but then again Greg said if we did have a piece, he'd want to keep it.

The other strange thing that happened while I was away was a naked game of touch rugby on a Dunedin beach, yep, in midwinter. It's apparently a student tradition down there like the winter solstice swims here earlier this week. I saw this on TV before the party with the sound off but the images were quite arresting--all right, funny--especially the haka (filmed from behind so to speak) and how little we got to see in quite extended shots of play. Well, it was cold.

Tags: meteorite
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