Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Health and Safety

I don't do new year's resolutions, but I did decide I should write more fiction this year, especially in b7friday which I've neglected. So I posted a story this week, and found out that three previous ones, all written in one week for the TV Tropes challenge, never got reposted here. So here's the first, and the other two will follow.

This was for the TV Tropes challenge, using the Explosive Instrumentation trope. Bwahahaha, how I laughed when the random search came up with that one!

Health and Safety

Maintenance Request

Vila Restal

Short Description
Since we now have to put everything in writing to the Revolutionary Committee for approval, even though it's really only us, here's my request for some fuses or circuit breakers in the flight-deck stations. I mean, perhaps the System didn't bother with either, but that's no reason why we can't. Also I think seatbelts would be a good idea.

Health and Safety, really. No more exploding consoles and flying bodies (ours) every time we get hit by a plasma bolt. Less concussions. Less time spent rewiring the bloody things after battles.

You mean fewer concussions. - Avon

Me and Avon having to do the work?

You mean "Avon and I". - Avon
You mean "I". - Avon
By which I mean you. - Avon

We cannot afford the downtime of any of the stations during maintenance, not to mention time required to beta- and battle-test to ISO Galactic standards. Denied. - Blake

Let it be noted that I voted for the requested maintenance. Sparks and chiffon do not go well together. - Jenna

All right, what about seatbelts then? - Vila

Do you really want to be strapped to a chair in front of an exploding console? - Avon

Good point. - Vila

Maintenance Request Clothing Request

Vila Restal

Short Description
How about new battle uniforms then? Remember that old vid show about the heroic Federation? I suggest red tunics.

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