Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Cat and kitten picspam

I went to the pet supplies place today and on one of the toys (a sort of springy octopus I resisted buying) there was a label with a happy cat face you'd swear was Ashley. Pity I can't hire her out as a model and live off her earnings. :-P Anyway I realised that I hadn't posted any pictures of the little fur-balls for a while.

Nine pictures including a cat pile

Jasmin up a tree
Jasmin up a tree. She loves climbing and has only been treed once. So far.

Ashley watches from the ground
Ashley watches from the ground underneath.

White tiger and lion
They say that a cat provides humans with a chance to caress the tiger (though I've actually done that). This is the closest I'll get to having a white tiger and a lion of my own. :-)

Ashley sits up
Ashley sits up and takes notice.

Ashley shows off her tummy
Ashley shows her tummy with its spots, and the black undersides of her feet. When I stroke her, she rolls on her back like this and puts her front paws up beside her head. So adorable!

Cat pile!
You've heard of otter piles; here's a cat pile! They're all actually asleep here. Jasmin looks utterly (almost otterly) ecstatic, and you can see Ashley's face at the front, under Claudia's.

All four
All four of them in one shot!

Jasmin and Ashley in Claudia's bed
Jasmin and Ashley in Claudia's bed. I couldn't decide between two shots I took of this. Jasmin looks surprised, but Ashley's sweet face makes up for it.

Jasmin and Ashley in Claudia's bed
On the other hand, they both look gorgeous from above. I love their markings.

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