Nico (vilakins) wrote,

The Pretender 204: Exposed

I made Greg watch another Pretender ep with me, pointing out the surfeit of Top Gear I'd been subjected to lately (look, the guys are funny, but I can only take so much stuff about rich bastard cars--about two minutes to be exact).

I now know why redstarrobot said that Sydney would know he was under constant surveillance. The A story was of limited interest to me--models and fashion bore me to distraction--but the B story was compelling.

Poor tragic Parker! And she even used the word "tragic". Jarod does like playing complicated games with her, but he's basically kind. I thought he was showing her where her father was--and indeed he was, but it wasn't Mr Parker. Does Benn Miller suspect too? Does Daddy? And I wonder where Daddy was. This has to be one of the few times I felt Parker needed a hug. I'd disarm her first though.

Hey, I had one of those view-master things when I was a kid! I didn't see in 3D till I was 14 I could only see out of one eye till I got a contact lens for the really, really (nose-focal-length) myopic one and I used to sneer at the unreality of the3D the two images created. Heh: when they put that lens in, I yelled, "Hey! Your desk comes out from the wall!" Anyway, blast from the past there. Does anyone use those thing anymore? I loved ours with the Disney cartoon scenes.

I don't know who played Toby, but he reminded me a bit of Jim Carrey. What, he was supposed to be weird-looking? I thought he looked rather cool with the platinum hair and black eyebrows.

I have decided to demand at least two eps a week.

Also, I've found a rather good Pretender website, Pretender Headquarters. I'm being very careful about spoilers, so I've only looked at the ep guides (under "Red Notebook") I've seen. They're pretty good, and have lists of things like Jarod's surname and its origin, his discoveries, and ep notes like Jarod's favourite doughnuts. :-)

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