Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Stuff I bought today

I went to spend the second $50 voucher I got as a leaving gift last year, and bought two more Doctor Who serials: The Invasion of Time as it's Four, the plot looks interesting, and there's a Sontaran (I like spud-heads); and Black Orchid because it has Five, I haven't seen him since I was young and innocent and he was on telly here, plus it's set in 1925, and there's a train and a cricket match.

Other purchases include a new flash drive, and some calendars that were half-price: another Star Trek:TOS one, a Futurama one of movie poster parodies, an Art Deco building one (no idea where that's going, but I couldn't resist), and a small one of beautiful space pictures for near my computer. And four gel pens just because.

I really should scan in last year's Star Trek:TOS and Simpsons calendars, and maybe these too, because the pictures would be good icon material, plus I could do a quiz on the Simmos one.

Tags: doctor who, star trek, the simpsons
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