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My fiction last year

Posting a list of fiction written in the last year seems the thing to do. I didn't use to do it because I wrote so much for b7friday, but I've been very slack in the last year. (I really must try to write more often this year.)

Longer stories

Free Choice Vila and Avon consider Lindor as a potential bolt-hole.
Anthropology Vila takes Orac and uses it to sabotage the Federation. In the meantime, Avon is looking for him.

Lynx is the PGP saga I've had in my head for about five years, always pushing it to the background to work on other stories with deadlines. I finally finished the first three parts, each of which end at a satisfying place. Two future parts will continue the story.
Lynx Part 1 - Rescues
Lynx Part 2 - Recovery
Lynx Part 3 - Revelations

Rebels and Amagons B7/Swallows and Amazons: more a pastiche than a crossover, this is Blake's 7 in the style of Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome (a classic 1930s British children's novel) though none of the B7 characters are children, I'm sure you'll be relieved to know. After the shootout on Gauda Prime, Vila, Avon, Dayna, and Tarrant end up on the shores of a lake...
Rubbish  B7/Farscape: what happened to Travis after he fell down the well.

Ficlets, almost all for b7friday

At the Core - An AU in which things happen a little differently on Aristo
Inducements - How to get Vila to go on a mission
Bad Karma - Vila starts to wonder about karma (a My Name is Earl pastiche, but you don't have to have seen it)
Breakfast - Vila has some, along with a joke or two
Job Satisfaction - Tarrant and Jarvik are not happy with a Space Fleet officer's lot
Gateway - Avon and Vila find a Stargate
Avon and Vila - a B7 take on Hansel and Gretel
Magnets in a Minefield - The perils of not doing research before visiting a planet
Big Damned Heroes - Reactions to a rebel poster after the Andromedan war
Firing Line - Vila's reaction to being replaced by Dayna on weapons
The Unpleasantness at the Belhangria Club - An incident in Avon's life told in the style of Dorothy L Sayers
Nobody Special - Two old acquaintances run into each other
Health and Safety - Vila has some concerns
Headstones - The question of what goes on them
Young People Today - Avon is not impressed with the post-revolution generation
Technical Difficulties - Avon has some difficulty with a project
Tags: blake's 7, farscape
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