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The good, the bad, and the impossibly beautiful

I am delighted to see that Terry Pratchett has a knighthood. Perhaps even Vimes would approve. :-)

I just finished reading Jingo yesterday, and rather think it joins my favourite Discworld novels. I loved this one: very funny (esp The Boat--yes, I did get the reference; Nobby finding his feminine side; Vetinari's hidden talents with melons, knives, and donkeys) and it had bite too. And of course there was the wonderful Vimes who ended up on a very short honours list himself. :-)

I've just started Saturn Rukh by Robert L Forward, grabbed from the library shelf because it looked like a nice bit of hard SF with interesting aliens. That may well all be true, but I'm very put off by his Mary and Marty Sue: the mission leader is the suggestively named Rod Morgan, blond, muscled, and handsome, and the pilot is Chastity Blaze. Blaze? For a rocket pilot? Who has the surname Blaze, and who calls their kid Chastity anyway? A touch of the Modesty Blaises by any chance? This woman is as tall and muscled as Rod, and has long. curly raven locks... and violet eyes. I've been reminded of this twice so far and I'm only on page 17. A brief flip though turned up at least one more reference to her eye colour just in case I forgot, and what is it with violet eyes anyway? They always sound bloodshot to me.

However there are aliens and hard SF so I shall keep going. At least Forward writes females doing real jobs.

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