Nico (vilakins) wrote,

The Pretender 203: Over the Edge

And I've watched the next one!

Yep, after the fathers in the last ep, it's mothers this time.

I loved the reactions of Sydney and Parker to the tepee guy's offer of a hug. Sydney took it readily and smiled, and Parker said, "I have a gun and I will use it." Sydney and Parker, don't ever change.

And ooh, geeky fun with Jarod finding out about Spider-Man--and his nametag reading "Shatner". He's obviously already discovered Star Trek too. :-) I was almost expecting a comment about Peter Parker's name.

Brigitte gets creepier, dressed in tight leather and massaging the creepiest of all, the reptilian Raines. Ewwww. And man, she's arrogant, striding about the place licking her lollipops and firing finger guns at the others. I wonder where she and Lyle were before.

The psychiatrist guy brought in to interview the suspects had some interesting techniques, esp with Broots. Were the little hop-scotching girls experimental subjects, or children of staff coached to behave as they did? And good for Parker, grabbing his camera and pointing out to Raines that if she'd shot at him, he'd be dead.

When he was reporting at the end, I thought it might be to Mr Parker, or possibly Jarod, but I was still quite surprised to see that it was indeed Jarod. I wonder what Jarod has on him. He hasn't been in a previous ep, has he? I suppose Jarod found him doing something very unethical and threatened to expose him unless he did him a favour, but that sounds a little unlike the Jarod we know who is so concerned with justice. Hmmm.

And my money is still on Syd.

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