Nico (vilakins) wrote,

The Pretender 202: Scott Free

I meant to post my comments on this episode much earlier than this, sorry. I've been distracted by kittens and Greg being home all the time. :-)

The A story was OK though not rivetting with Jarod pretending to be a one-armed safe-cracker, but anyway for me the interest lay in the B story. Mind you, this time Jarod didn't seem to have sought out the guy he was helping, but was only there to see him being dragooned into helping with a heist because he was watching him with his son--and this was the theme.

Parker gives her father the rabbit ornament for father's day--and it's rather touching that he still had it in his office--and worrying that he's left without it. As soon as I saw Jarod watching, I knew he was going to see Sydney as his father, and sure enough, he made a card for him showing himself holding Sydney's hand: awwww. I also guessed that Sydney was going to reject the whole idea of being seen as in loco parentis--but not how cruelly. Poor Jarod.

However I also remembered the smile on Sydney's face when Jarod visited Jacob that first time and said he was Sydney's son. Ahhhh, Sydney, I wish you'd taken that second chance on the phone and said yes. I was not at all surprised that he had retrieved the card from the rubbish bin and kept it along with the other things Jarod had given him. OK, it was probably for Jarod's safety that he pushed him away like that at the end, but oh, tragic Sydney and tragic Jarod!

I'm just amazed that they've both turned out to be relatively good (and definitely lovable) people.

And now I'm off to bed. But I have watched the next one.

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