Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Doctor Who Scarf: finished!

I finally finished my Doctor Who scarf yesterday with three days to spare (the knit-a-long finshes with the year). It's a modified pattern in which I used Fibonacci numbers, rounding down if they were odd, so all the stripes are 8, 12, 20, or 34 rows. This also made it the length I wanted, just to my knees. I'm enough of a klutz not to want anything more I can trip over.

The best range I could find didn't have a yellow, so I used orange. There's also a grey row in there which shouldn't be in an S14 scarf, but I like it.

The scarf over a railing. Do I have enough tassels? I suppose I could add some between the existing ones.

If I look a bit hunchbacked in these photos, it's because Greg took the photos from up the steps. :-P

A mosaic of me in scarf, me with hat and sonic screwdriver, and covering three fandoms in knit with Jayne hat (made by reapermum) and Blake's 7 teleport bracelet (pattern by muscadinegirl). Bwahahaha!

I was going to wear my brown corduroy jacket with the hat, but it's summer here and I got hot enough already in the scarf. It took me a while to cool down after that. :-P

Tags: blake's 7, doctor who, firefly, knitting
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