Nico (vilakins) wrote,

The Pretender 201: Back from the Dead Again

I've seen some more Pretender; yay!

New season! And new people to go with it! The mysterious Mr Lyle, whose name rhymes disconcertingly with Kyle, and the blonde and British Brigitte with startlingly (for an American series) short hair. How strange that Sydney and Parker have never come across either of them before. Just how big is the Centre? And what have they done with Mr Parker?

Awww, Mr Parker kept the rabbit ornament Miss Parker gave him! She seems to have a thing about rabbits. Why isn't she kinder to Broots, then? ;-)

Why did they want to stop Jarod's heart? They can't have got any interesting data from that. Are there any procedures that require a stopped heart?

My problem with the A story is a similar one to that of the Christmas ep: why was the killer unnecessarily cruel? Why not just kill the person? What's the point of burying them alive (or paralysing them so that they were conscious for an autopsy)? Neither killer seemed the sort to want to torture anyone, so what was the point? Why didn't the surgeon just use his heart-stopping drug?

Brigitte seems very much at ease in Lyle's company. It seems to me that most Centre employees tread carefully around each other, but she's arrogantly casual. Is she higher than she says, has she something on Lyle, or is she just good enough to behave any way she likes?

What with all the brothers in this, I was almost sure that Raines was going to tell Parker that Lyle was hers, but no. He's the "boogey man"? He still seems young enough to be someone's brother. :-)

This looks like being a very good season.

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