Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Cat and kitten picspam

I now have another lovely cat card from entropy_house to join kalypso_v's beautful Rosie and Tabitha. Thank you!

And now for some cat and kitten picspam. jthijsen wanted to know about my cat tunnel, so I finally got some photos of them playing. They're action shots, so a little odd, but you'll get the idea. There is also an Ashley close-up, and pictures of cat and kitten snuggling. And copycats! :-) I need to make an icon with both kittens in it.

Cats and kittens

Ashley has such beautiful eyes and markings.

Jasmin and Ashley playing with their tunnel

It's made of two layers of nylon with some crinkly stuff in between, and a spiral of wire to hold the shape. It can be compressed down into a fairly thin disc to pack away. You can also get a Y-shaped orange tunnel here, but this takes up less room, and they love it.

Jasmin likes to get into Claudia's basket with her. Awww, look, they're holding paws.

Jasmin snuggled up to Ashley

Copycats! Claudia and Tessa used to do this! I'm so pleased that I have a new set.

Tags: ashley, cats, claudia, jasmin, photos
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