Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Windows around the world

Take a picture of what is outside of your window right now and post it.

Two from upstairs, taken around 11:30am

This is from a bedroom window upstairs. You can see the city in the distance, including the Sky Tower.

This is out another bedroom window. The hill between two trees to the left is One Tree Hill (now None Tree Hill, sadly) with its cenotaph on top. The many hills like that around Auckland are extinct volcanoes. The stripes in the sky are reflections of Venetian blinds, not some strange weather phenomenon. :-)

And while I'm at it, here's my summer tree, inside two windows. :-) I found some very cheap summer-related decorations on-line that are unbreakable, so I put up a tree that celebrates summer, sand, and sea. The kittens have batted the lower ones round a bit, but they can't hurt them, or be hurt by them.

Summer tree

It's a bit bare, but there are starfish, shells, fish, and a seahorse. :-) I also put some real shells under it. Behind are the new blinds; I'll be able to use the spaceships and planets in that corner next year as there won't be any direct sun to focus through the glass balls. :-)

Tags: auckland, nz, tree
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