Nico (vilakins) wrote,

A B7 Christmas, and seasonal dinners

For the Blake's 7 fans on my flist who aren't on the mailing lists: do have a look at the best SF Christmas tree decoration ever, created digitally by my friend minnie13's partner spacebovine (check out his LJ for the models he's made). This is the model Liberator he made for minnie13. :-)

And it really feels like the end of the year is approaching; Greg's annual office dinner is tonight. It's at Cin Cin (which I didn't know was still going; I used to eat there years ago) and I was a bit uncertain about whether to go. Last time the people I sat with were so very boring and mainly asked me what I did for a job and I hate that. If they do that tonight, I shall say I'm between contracts and how about talking about something that's actually interesting?

But hey, free food. Though they'd better have vegetarian options on the set menu this time. The last two times they haven't, and that's just rude; the orthodox couple had to order food that wasn't on the set menu, and I wasn't at all happy about the amount of bacon, ham, and shellfish in most of the options which gave me only one choice for the first two courses. Will they have learned? Probably not.

There will however be good wine. They know how to choose wine.

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