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The Pretender 121: Dragon House

I finally saw the final episode of season 1. I have decided to post reviews before looking at astrogirl2's so I won't decide I have nothing to add.

Man, that was full of revelations and all sort of good stuff! I'm not sure how coherent I will be, but here are some disconnected observations.

I did actually see the Kyle being a brother thing coming, mainly because I suspected from the birthing chair that Jarod's parents were imprisoned and forced to breed, so that all the rescued children were Jarod's siblings. I'm not so sure about that now, as his parents are in fact free and have a grown-up daughter called Emily. I'm sure Emily will turn out to be significant as she must be a Pretender (whether trained or not) too. I don't think abilities actually run in families like that, but never mind, this is SF.

I don't think Angelo's a brother. I in fact think Angelo may be Raines' son because there's a certain physical resemblance, and Raines is an evil enough bastard to exploit his own kid--perhaps fathered on some poor prisoner of SL27. [shudder]

Kyle is played by the Burn Notice guy which was sort of strange as he came across just like Michael from that series, and Michael is pretty good at pretending too. I was hoping he'd be killed off because of being an evil torturer, but I'm not sure whether he's as bad as Raines has tried to train him be. I also think he survived that fire; he's a resourceful guy. When Angelo quoted the "I decide who lives and who dies" and set off the alarm, I began to wonder whose phrase that is--Kyle's or Angelo's. Has Angelo, the letter-writing CJ, been influencing him from afar?

So Miss Parker's mother was a near saint. I have no idea how she ended up marrying a bastard like Mr Parker then. That guy is seriously implicated in all that's going on. He knows, and only want Miss Parker to report to him so he knows how close they're getting.

Raines didn't get blown up, dammit. They don't know who shot his tank, but I'm betting it was our Sydney. You need more practice on the firing range, Syd.

The Parker apartment is awesomely art deco. I love it.

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