Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Five happy-making things

Several people are doing the happiness meme, and I thought I would, so here are five things that made me happy today.

  1. Cats and kittens, especially the four in this house. I bought the kittens a play tunnel today and Jasmin went nuts in it. She plays U-boat commanders, sticking her head out of one of the hatches.

  2. Cicadas in the trees. They're the sound of summer to me.

  3. Hearing Snoopy's Christmas while I was at Nosh today. That was a piece of my childhood and made me grin like a lunatic (and sing quietly along).

  4. Gingerbread men, one of which I had with my afternoon cup of tea, and Stollen with marzipan inside, two of which I bought for holiday consumption. Oh and hot mince pies.

  5. Sunshine. I love summer.

And now I need to clear the table of accumulated stuff and write some cards, part of this time of year I'm not so fond of.
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