Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Cards, and kitten picspam!

I got two beautiful cards today from friends in the UK: a Holmes one, and a cat one. Thank you!

I have finally finished my B7 card, and Greg has printed it at work. It probably won't get to the people I send it to in time, but don't worry; I'll post the pictures and the text on the right day (which is not Christmas day). [looks mysterious] This one was more complicated than most. I had to draw nine separate pictures on transparent backgrounds, paste them together, add some extra stuff, and make up the card. I know I should realise that December is coming, but I never seem to. :-P Next year I'll try to think up, design, and make a card in November.

In the meantime, have some kitten picspam!

Ashley and Jasmin

Ashley and cyclotron. Yes, I have another nerdy kitten!

She watches with scientific interest as the large particle accelerates round.

This was all I could see of my monitor yesterday. I moved the mouse around in the infinity symbol. and watched Jasmin's head weave as she followed it. This was not a good idea. She came back wanting more. Both she and Ashley watch TV too.

Ashley poses. This is rarer than you'd think; it's hard to get pictures of a friendly and eager kitten who charges you as soon as you look at her.

Ashley writhes with pleasure. The sharper stripes on her tummy are the fur growing back after her neutering operation.

Ashley is in the "muse" spot that Claudia used to sit in while I worked. She too sits quietly so I don't realise she's there, but usually on the other couch. She's almost always in the room I'm in. :-)
And yes, those are Vila pictures in the background.

Jasmin took a liking to my books from the first. She bites them. :-P It took me a while to convince her to come off this shelf. That blue thing BTW is one of the two bulb-shaped lamps I bought at the garage sale I went to a few months ago.

Ashley and Jasmin on the couch. Look! They're sitting so close already! They'll be cuddling soon, going by Claudia and Tessa's history. I can hear the thunder of tiny paws upstairs as I type. :-D

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