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They grow up so soon...

Jasmin is about four and a half months old--and has just gone on heat! This has never happened to a kitten of mine, and she's DRIVING ME SPARE! She's crying all the time, writhing all over the carpet--and me and the other cats if she can manage it--and sticking her bum and tail in the air. That sounds pretty conclusive to me, though I've never seen it before. Aaaargh!

How am I going to sleep tonight? And if course it would happen on a weekend--as cat emergencies always do--so I can't ring the vet till tomorrow, but I tell you, she's going in ASAP.

In other cat news, I have two Lonely Miaow foster homes to visit to see their (always neutered) cats. They were delighted that I wanted a 'teenager' rather than a small kitten, and apparently they have a selection of young cats from just older than Jasmin to 1-2 years old. One place has a little silver tabby. I always wanted a silver tabby. However I'll be going for personality and attraction to me, not looks.

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