Nico (vilakins) wrote,

No planets and spaceships this year

There will be no tree of light planets and spaceships (B7, Red Dwarf, B5) this year because Jasmin would probably break all the planets and chew the ships. There will just be Hanukkah candles, well out of her reach (which is growing ever higher; she got on the kitchen bench yesterday).

I never had a tree till a few years ago when I found the beautiful glass gas giants in a shop and needed something to display them on. It's weird though: it's become a habit in a fairly short time, and it seems strange not to be doing it this year and posting a photo of the Liberator on it.

For those new people who want to see the tree (small and not that spectacular compared to what people have overseas), have a look here. One of the posts has a link to what cats can do to a tree.

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