Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Knitted teleport bracelet!

Another hot day today! I had to go into town to meet my sister for lunch at a place she swore was wonderful, but where we ate very substandard pasta (she apologised and said it was really good for dinner which didn't really help). She was buying material for an outfit for a family wedding next month which I'm really pissed off about because it's on at the same time as the Wings Over Wairarapa air show where they'll have a Spitfire. A Spitfire! Newmarket was hot, crowded, and noisy and it's taken me over an hour to cool down.

I have however finally sewn my knitted teleport bracelet together, done using muscadinegirl's pattern here.

It fits well, but doesn't appear to work. :-(

The pink crystal is slightly raised due to increasing and decreasing two stitches.

When I do another one (I have lots of yarn left over), I shall use a better method of knitting yarn in behind than I did for this one, and plain intarsia for the pink to make it stand up more.

On my hand, looking eerily gothic in the shade. :-P

Tags: blake's 7 - art, cool stuff, knitting
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