Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Kitten and cat picspam

And here's Jasmin with Claudia and Vic.

Claudia weighs less than 3kg now, and her kidney function is down, though she's still quite active. I'm not sure how much longer we'll have her though, and Jasmin's really attached to her (and vice versa, when Jasmin's not being too annoying). If anything happens, I think we'll have to adopt a cat from the Lonely Miaow charity, which houses abandoned cats and kittens, because she's never cuddled up to Vic. She's a bit wary of him; I don't know why.

Jasmin and friends

"Look, you don't mind if I lie on your tail, do you?"
"Not if you don't bite it. As you usually do."

"I know you're there, Jasmin. And I know what you're looking at. Don't even try it."

Jasmin and Claudia both over Greg's shoulder as he works on his PC.

Jasmin and Claudia cuddled up together on the top of a chair.

"See? I'm not always pouncing on Claudia."

Tags: cats, claudia, jasmin, photos, vic
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