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Mostly kitten picspam

I have been too lazy even to revise the story I wrote last month, because it's hot and summer is here--the pohutukawas are starting to bloom and the cicadas are chirping--and I'd rather sit outside under a shady tree and read or knit my DW scarf.

But I did promise some picspam. Here's the first instalment (of two).

This is where I did the official vote count, in a strange old house hidden away up a hill on a very busy street.

This is the garden we took our lunch and morning and afternoon breaks in. It was quite lovely, and it was hard to imagine busy Gillies Avenue (and also a major motorway off-ramp) was at the end of the garden. I have no pictures of us at work because I think it would have been illegal.

And this is the old house. It looks much nicer on the outside, though the two large room behind those bay windows are lovely, with polished wooden floors. The rest is dark and dingy with lots of little twisty passages, all different, poky little rooms, and one big one tacked on behind where we worked. I suppose someone lived there once. I can't see it lasting much longer with all the big office buildings all around.

Jasmin's taste in television

Jasmin watching the Star Trek trailer. She was rather surprised to find how different Sylar looks without his eyebrows and with pointed ears. As both are excellent features in cats, she likes Vulcans.

She likes cricket too and tries to bat the ball (and the batsmen) on screen. Pity we lost this one. Unsurprisingly, given we had no cats as fielders.

Jasmin on the TiVo stack. This is a favourite spot when the weather's cooler as it's warm. You can see she's got a bit darker. (A lot bigger, too.)

Jasmin's been exploring outside for the last week or so. She's already climbed higher than the roofline in two trees--and come back down again, and jumped the fence.

Jasmin checks out the ferns. This was taken on her first day out.

Jasmin with one of her chasy sticks (I pull them along the ground, and she follows. She's dragging it off the chair I left it on. :-)

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