Nico (vilakins) wrote,

The Pretender 120: Baby Love

For once, I have some things to say about The Pretender that astrogirl2 hasn't already.

I am intrigued that Angelo is the puppeteer who sent both Sydney and Jarod off in different directions last ep with forged e-mails from each other. I mean, I'm not sure if the guy can speak, and what he did to his hair was... creepy. Why didn't he finish it?

We finally know what SL27 is. And ewww. They had captives they bred from? I feel sick, and that's the first time I've reacted to this show with visceral disgust. I am worried they had Jarod's parents down there, and that all the rescued (and now dead) kids were his sibs. Speaking of which, how did Ms Parker get more than one of them away. You'd think a rescue would only work the once.

Raines creeps me out so much. Angelo can't touch him for creepiness. And the guy lives in the ducting? Bad move, Center designers, to make it big enough for someone to crawl around in let alone stash files and crackers in.

And last of all, the lovely big guy Ax (He was called Ax, right?) reminded me so much of Gan. There was some discussion on a B7 mailing list about Gan making the best father (via mpreg but let's not go there) and here he was: Gan being adorable with a baby. Awwww.

And yeah, the baby was very cute. It's not often I say that. :-)

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