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Silver lining

I wasn't that happy with the glossy blinds that we got instead of the matt ones we ordered, because they look paler and cooler than the slightly cream off-white walls when closed at night. However, going by how the one in the dining area looks, where the lighting is warmer (we still have incandescents in there), I think the others will look better if we change the cold-looking energy-saver bulbs to those warmer new ones that give out light closer to incandescents.

So I can live with them! We decided to do so when they gave us a $400 discount, which was an offer we couldn't refuse. That almost pays for new blinds for the bedroom, so I ordered those today. :-)

And even though two windows still lack blinds, the evening sun which would now be making the room an oven and rendering my screen hard to read is being filtered out without me having to lower the old Roman blinds and make the room dark. I love Venetians.

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