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Various Doctor Who stuff

My second (in more canon colours) Doctor Who scarf is about a fifth done, Jasmin notwithstanding.

I do intend to go back to the garishly bright one when I've finished this one, but I wanted to complete the more DW looking one by the end of the year for the who_knits knitalong. I also want to find some suitably metallic silver and gold yarn for a B7 teleport bracelet, though I'm not holding my breath; the huge selection of funky yarns that were around a couple of years ago seem to have disappeared.

In more Doctor Who news, it's TARDIS Day tomorrow (45 years since the first episode, An Unearthly Child, was screened) and there's even a comm for it: tardis_day.

And for the wealthier DW fan, how about a beautiful limited-edition fob watch? They also have plush adiposes if you think they're cute. Many seem to; I think they're creepy.

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